Google Quick Search Box for Windows

To install:
  1. Download it! (Click here)
  2. Open up Command Prompt (Win+R and type 'cmd' and press Enter)
  3. Navigate in Command Prompt to where the file is saved, e.g., 'CD C:/Users/user/Downloads'
  4. Copy and paste: googlequicksearchboxsetup.exe /install /bundle=tbie /global /brand=GGLL /hl=en
  5. Press Return
Quick Search will be installed and you will then be able to configure it from the little button that appeared on your start menu.

To uninstall: 
  1. Open a command prompt
  2. Copy and paste:googlequicksearchboxsetup.exe /uninstall /bundle=tbie /global
  3. Press Return
Thanks to JAMES DOC "Christian · Blogger · Web Developer · Geek"